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Re-Registration for Current Students
If re-registration is not confirmed by the specified time, we will not be able to guarantee a spot for your child next year and your child’s spot will be offered to someone on the waiting list
Children Live with:
Do you have any kids who will be attending Alfajrul Bassem Academy for the first-time next year (2020/2021),

Select an item for re-registration fee

Media Consent

I give permission for my child to be:

School Trip Consent

On occasion, the class may take a nature walk, go to a neighborhood park for exercise, or might take part in other outdoor activities or a short school trip. While we always strive to inform parents about these trips, they are not always planned.

Financial Information

I agree to use the same payment method as the previous year:

Admission Policies

Please click on the Admission Policies link below and read them carefully

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