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Dear parents/guardians,


Our school is participating in Math contests. Students who have a strong interest and foundation in mathematics are encouraged to participate in the contests.


This is an opportunity for students to stretch their thinking and improve their mathematical skills. Additionally, admission/ scholarships to certain universities sometimes consider student's participation in such contests.


Please confirm your child’s interest in participating by filling out the following form no later than Feb 5, 2024


Contest name: Canadian Computing Competition

Contest Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Deadline to complete form and register: Feb 5, 2024

Cost: $15



We recommend that participants spend some time preparing for the competition they can do so with:

The Competitions

The CCC is written in schools using the CCC Online Grader. This is a 3-hour contest composed of 5 questions (either at the junior or senior level). Teachers need to register for contests to be written in schools. There is no team competition.

CCO: Approximately 20 of the top senior contestants from the CCC are invited to the CCO, held at the University of Waterloo, in the Spring. This week-long event involves workshops, two days of contests, as well as other extra-curricular activities.



CCC participants may use C, C++, Python 2, Python 3, or Java. Visit sample programs and details about these languages.

CCO participants must use C++.


While various languages are supported by the CCC Online Grader, it may not be possible in all cases to achieve a perfect score with a particular language choice (for example, Python or Java).


We thank you for your support and wish our students all the best.

Thanks for submitting!

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