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Gauss Mathematics Contests

Dear parents


Our school is participating in Math contests. Students who have a strong interest and foundation in mathematics are encouraged to participate in the contests.


This is an opportunity for students to stretch their thinking and improve their mathematical skills. Additionally, admission/ scholarships to certain universities sometimes consider student's participation in such contests.


The Gauss contests introduce students in Grades 7 and 8 to a broader perspective of mathematics in a fun, accessible way. Intriguing problems and a multiple-choice format make the Gauss contests a wonderful opportunity for all participants to grow their interest in and get curious about the power of math.


  • Students in Grades 7 and 8


Please confirm your child’s interest in participating by filling out the following form no later than Feb 14, 2024


Contest name: Gauss Mathematics Contests

Contest Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Deadline to complete form and register: Feb 14, 2024

Cost: $10




You can practice and check previous contests 


We thank you for your support and wish our students all the best.

Thanks for submitting!

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