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Registration for New Students - High School

Student's Information

Grade 10 literacy test completed?
Student's Primary Language at Home
Born in Canada?
Student live with:

Medical and Health Information

Has your child had any of the following diseases?
Does your child have, or has had any of the following medical conditions?
In the Event of Illness and/or Medical Emergencies (Please select all):

Parents Information

Media Consent

I give permission for my child to be:

School Trip Consent

On occasion, the class may take a nature walk, go to a neighborhood park for exercise, or might take part in other outdoor activities or a short school trip. While we always strive to inform parents about these trips, they are not always planned.

Financial Information

Payment Options:

Uniform Size

Select Uniform Size:
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Bus Registration

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Student Record Form

Uploading Files

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Admission Policies

Please click on the Admission Policies link below and read them carefully

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