Summer Camp

Alfajrulbassem Academy is a great choice for exciting and affordable summer camps geared to children aged 8 to 12. Our community knows how important an active and rewarding summer is for their kids in a trusted environment.


We aim to provide the highest quality summer experience for our students and their families. Our HIGH FIVE® trained staff, and engaging, value-driven summer programming set us apart.

Design & Manufacturing (Boys)

Vision to reality: Learn how to design and manufacture the creative ideas in your brain. Learning CAD computer design along with woodworking, 3D Printing and more. 


Robotics (Boys)

Learn to converse in the language of the computers and merge the real and digital world. Explore simple machines, motors, sensors and programming logic. Learn to work with a team to engineer solutions to problems

Sports Camp (Boys)

Keep your body moving in this fast paced camp where to practice and train at everything sport. Learn the values of teamwork, communication and hard work. Sports include soccer, volleyball, basketball and more.

Arabic STEAM Camp (Girls)

Join us for a fun filled camp where you can learn how to code, get creative with arts and activities and practice your Arabic language skills!

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